Texas History – Lesson Plans

05/16/16 thru 05/20/16

Mond. Students will read Ch. 19 and discuss how the cattle industry became an increasingly important part of the Texan economy. Students will complete Ch. Review Questions 1 thru 7 on page 499.

Tue. Students will read Ch. 20 and discuss how the lives of African Americans and roles of women all changed dramatically. Students will complete Ch. 20 Review Questions 2 through 7 on page 523

Wed. Students will read Ch. 21 and discuss how the discovery of large oil deposits in Texas greatly affected the economy of Texas. Students will complete Ch. 21 Review Questions 2 through 9 on page 553.

Thur. Students will read Ch. 22 and discuss the role Texans played in the Mexican Revolution and World War I. Students will complete Ch. 22 Review questions 2 through 9 on page 577.

Fri. Students will read Ch. 23 and discuss how the Great Depression and Dust Bowl hurt the economy and forced Texans to search for remedies. Students will complete Ch. 23 Review questions 2 through 7 on page 605

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