Texas History – Lesson Plans

04/04/16 thru 04/08/16

Mon. Complete and grade Ch. 13 Lesson 1 quiz. Read Lesson 2 and complete self check questions.

Tue. Read and discuss Ch. 13 Lesson 2 and complete Lesson 2 quiz.

Wed. Grade Lesson 2 quiz. Read and discuss Ch. 13 lesson 3 and complete Lesson 3 quiz.

Thu. Grade Lesson 3 quiz and review for Ch. 13 test on Friday.

Fri. Ch. 13 Test.

Texas History – Lesson Plans

10/12/15 thru 10/16/15

Objectives: Students will be able to compare and contrast the characteristics of the different Native American cultures in Texas.

Mon. Students will read and discuss the Pueblo Culture in Texas and identify the characteristics of these people. Students will also identify the culture of the Tonkawa Indians of the Plains Culture.

Tue. Students will discuss the Mescalero Apaches and the Lipan Apaches of the Plains Culture.

Wed. Students will discuss the Comanches and the Kiowa of the Plains Culture.

Thur. Students will take a test over the Native Texans.

Fri. Students will read about the Early Explorers of Texas and be able to explain the motivatiions of governments and explorers for expanding European land claims.